Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed announces that the recently formed Democrats have become the minority party at the Parliament.

Nasheed said 13 MPs who left MDP joined the democrats and that they have officially notified the Parliament Secretariate of this change. He said that this change is now included in the parliament registry.

The Democrats replaced PPM as the minority party and Parliament Minority Leader MP for Eydhafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem has now been replaced by Democrats PG Leader MP for Central Henveiru Constituency Ali Azim.

With this change, there are now 65 MPs from MDP, 5 MPs from PPM, 3 MPs from PNC, 3 MPs from MNP, 3 MPs from JP, 2 MPs from MDA, and 3 Independent MPs.

Speaker Nasheed said that the change in the composition will bring about changes to debate allocation times and parliament standing committees and that these changes would be passed via a parliament vote soon.

The number of Democrats MPs at the parliament raised to 15 recently but since MPs Hassan Shiyan and Yasir Abdul Latheef re-joined MDP, the number depleted to 13.