Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says the ruling MDP has agreed to debate the motion about the country's governance system tomorrow.

He said while expressing concern about the lack of quorum for today's parliamentary session which was later abandoned.

Nasheed said that MP for Hulhudhoo Constituency Ilyas Labeeb submitted a resolution on the 13th of this month to hold a public referendum on the governance system in the country and that he had held talks with MDP PG Leader MP Mohamed Aslam on the matter.

He further said that the debate for resolution would go on tomorrow as the Democrats PG Leader MP for Central Henveriu Constituency and MDP PG Leader MP Aslam have agreed on it.

Today's Parliament session was abandoned due to the lack of quorum as several MDP MPs refused to join the session today.

Many MPs from MDP decided to boycott today's session as the Parliament agenda included the motion calling on the government to expedite efforts to take back parts of the country's waters it had ceased control of.

Speaking at the session today, Speaker Nasheed noted that many MDP MPs who came for the session were in the Parliament premises and requested them to join the session.

However since the MPs did not join the session, Speaker Nasheed said that he could not continue with the session and that there was no problem with the agenda.

Nasheed further said that many MPs had signed the attendance sheet and not entered the chamber for the session.

The MPs include MDP PG Leader MP for Hithadhoo North Constituency Mohamed Aslam.