PNC Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu says it is highly questionable that more than 25,000 people submitted re-registration forms ahead of the Presidential Election Run-Off scheduled for the 30th of this month.

The Elections Commission said today that a total of 25,493 people have submitted re-registration forms in the two days it opened for re-registration. Voters have to re-register only if the place of voting from the first round is changed for the second round.

The Commission further said that a total of 10,271 voters have now been successfully re-registered and that the Commission has rejected 1,546 forms for various reasons.

In response to these numbers, Muizzu said via a post on 'X' that it is highly questionable that 25,000 would have re-registered in just 2 days for the upcoming second round of the Presidential Election.

Muizzu said that this must be seriously looked into by all political parties, international monitors, observers, and other concerned bodies.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson for MDP Anas Abdul Sattar took a jab at the opposition candidate for his concerns over re-registration numbers.

Anas said via a post on 'X' that a Presidential Candidate should not be 'concerned' that many are willing to exercise their right to vote.

He said that instead it should be encouraged and applauded.