The Ooredoo Masrace 2023 in Addu City concluded with a thrilling display of competition and skill, as Team Fehurihi emerged as the champions.

This exciting event brought together seven participating teams from the city, showcasing their fishing prowess and determination. The closing ceremony, held at Maradhoo Bandharu, was graced by the presence of Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar and other esteemed dignitaries.

In a fiercely competitive battle, Team Fehurihi showcased their exceptional abilities and clinched the championship title with a remarkable total of 220.9 points.

Their outstanding performance earned them a well-deserved cash prize of MVR25,000. However, they faced stiff competition from other talented teams, with Team Hondeli securing the runner-up position with an impressive total of 141.6 points. Not far behind, Team Baracuda claimed the second runner-up position with a notable 131.9 points.

Amidst the thrilling competition, special awards were presented to recognize outstanding achievements. Naja from Team Fehurihi stood out by capturing the Heaviest Catch title.

With great skill and precision, Naja reeled in a magnificent Wahoo (Kurumas) weighing an impressive 5.5kg. This catch marked a significant moment in Ooredoo Masrace history as the first-ever Promethean escolar (Kattelhi) was caught during the event.

The Best Fisherman title was awarded to Ibrahim Abdulla from Team Happy Market. Ibrahim's exceptional contribution to his team was evident through his impressive total of seven catches.

Additionally, Azlifa Azeez from Team Fehurihi was recognized as the Best Fisherwoman for her remarkable performance, having reeled in a total of four impressive catches. These individual achievements added to the overall excitement and competitiveness of the event.

As the Ooredoo Masrace 2023 continues to captivate fishing enthusiasts and celebrate Ooredoo Maldives' 18th Anniversary, the competition now sets its sights on Fuvahmulah City. On August 25th, the fishing extravaganza will commence in this vibrant city, bringing together more teams