It is not every day that a 21-year-old takes the podium at a political gathering and captures the attention of not only those present but also the whole nation.

But that is what exactly Hamdha Mohamed did last night at the gathering held by the newly formed The Democrats when she gave an impassioned speech that has now gone viral in the Maldives.

Her speech, given in front of former President Mohamed Nasheed who most considers the greatest in giving crowd-inspiring speeches, focused on a subject that is near and dear to youths like her; the bleak realities facing the younger generation in a country grappling with personal financial instability, corruption, social injustices, and widespread substance abuse.

Hamdha Mohamed giving a compassionate speech at the Democrats gathering/Photo: Twitter (Hamdha)

Hamdha started her remarks by questioning how the Maldives got the label to be a stable and self-sufficient country. She said that the country does not have the means to maintain the mental, emotional, physical, psychological, and financial stability of the country's next generation.

She then went on to outline the realities facing the country's youth including how most had to grow up without a stable home and without realizing the importance of familial love and the peace it brings. Hamdha alluded that the youth today are too drained to maintain familial relationships or even a happy marriage.

In comments that most can relate to, Hamdha said that many young people live together or alone in rented lodgings but are forced to do more than one job with the rising cost of living but still come up short to maintain a financially stable life. With burgeoning bills and financial responsibilities she said youth do not have enough for food let alone buy nice things for themselves.

The Youth is too tired thinking about all these issues, have not time for familial relationships and getting angry at every small thing and even don't remember to smile.

She outlined how many find the struggles of life become a battle against survival with suicidal thoughts roaming in their heads and many give in to 'escaping the realities' mentality like taking up substance abuse and drugs.

Hamdha recounted comments by many stating that the youth of today do not have employment traits and ethics and that they are not punctual and that there is no substance to their work and invited the audience to think why this was the reality.

Hamdha along with Deputy Speaker of the Parliament MP Eva/Photo: Twitter (Hamdha)

The student of Political Studies touched on why the population rate of the country is declining as many youths do not want to start families. She questioned who among the youth would want their children to live the realities and struggles that they are facing each day.

Hamdha went on to say that a government cannot govern by making all its citizens happy but can make sure that its policies are not detrimental to any citizen and by putting the interest of the nation ahead of its own benefit.

She said that the decisions taken by a nation are connected to one another and that such issues must be solved with much planning and finesse.

Youths involved in the Democrats political activities including Hamdha/Photo: Twitter

Hamdha concluded her speech with a passionate statement saying that they (the youth) were the country's younger generation and that they themselves were the change they have been envisioning and waiting for which prompted those present, including an elated Nasheed, to rise from their seats and give the young woman a rousing round of much deserved applause.