Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has nothing to with the decision to allow MNDF soldiers into the Parliamentary house.

He said this in response to remarks made by President Solih at a campaign rally in Shaviyani Fokaidhoo in which he said that the Parliament is run just the way the Speaker wants and MNDF soldiers have not entered the chambers to stop the sessions.

To this, Nasheed said via Twitter that seeking the assistance of MNDF in relation to parliamentary matters does not fall under the legal responsibilities of the President.

Nasheed further added that the President does not have a say in whether or not to allow MNDF soldiers to enter the Parliamentary chambers.

The latest exchange of verbal attacks continues to divide the former colleagues as both MDP and the Democrats go on with their own anti-campaigns ahead of the September elections.

Nasheed who was the President of MDP resigned from the party recently but remains as the Speaker of the Parliament though there is a no-confidence motion against him at the parliament right now.