There is no interest in forming a coalition even if he loses the election, said Umar Naseer, former Home Minister who is contesting as an independent candidate in the uocoming presidential election.

Umar Naseer said he has been working on bringing the reforms needed for the Maldives for over 18 years but has not achived any. Umar said the only way he had was to win the election and he had no plan B.

In addition, Umar Naseer said that he does not want to enter a coalition government even if he loses the election. He said he do not want to get 20 percent and 30 percent of the government and put his people in jobs just for the sake of forming a coalition.

Highlighting the major problems in Maldives, Umar said drugs are rampant, Maldives' debt is increasing, foreign military [Indian military] forces are stationed in Maldives, Dhvehi business [trade industry] is going into the hands of foreigners and Islamic Sharia is not being implemented.

Anyone can contest a presidential election, he said, adding that he should know the solution to the major problems in Maldives.

Umar has reiterated his commitment to implement Islamic Sharia regardless of anyone.