Leader and Presidential Candidate of Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim says if he wins the upcoming election, he would create 500 small businesses and cultivate 100 millionaires within five years.

At the ceremony held to declare Gasim as the candidate from JP, he highlighted several pledges he would achieve if JP wins the election.

Gasim highlighted that he would invest MVR 3 billion to develop small and medium businesses and work to develop 500 such businesses across the country.

He further said that he would work to cultivate 100 millionaires within the next five years.

Gasim said his manifesto has the solutions to all the issues plaguing the country and would bring revolutionary changes which would create peace and harmony in the country.

Noting that the country is currently in an economically vulnerable state, Gasim said that the current administration has plunged the nation into debt with no end in sight.

He said that under his government, debt would be less while avenues for income would increase.

In a further breakdown, Gasim said under his reign, the government would reduce its debt from 120 to 90 percent of the GDP and maintain government expenditure at 35 percent.

Gasim stated that there are additional pledges in the manifesto that would relieve the people from the many problems burdening them.