Police arrest a man for entering a house in Male' and intimidating as well as assaulting one of its residents by displaying a deadly weapon.

The man has been identified as 34-year-old Ibrahim Sameen from Raa Atoll Maduvaree. His arrest came after Police announced that they were searching for him in relation to the crime and made his information public.

Police said that Sameen was arrested after he turned himself into the Police Headquarters in Male'.

In the announcement, Police indicated that the suspect had been part of a group of individuals who barged into a house in Male', intimidated using a sharp object, and assaulted one of the residents of the house using a deadly weapon.

The group of individuals was also reported to have damaged property inside the house.

Police said that this crime occurred on the 2nd of this month.

Such crimes although uncommon have occurred in Male' before with a gang entering a house and assaulting 3 residents of the house. But no arrests were made in relation to the crime.