Vice Speaker of the Parliament Eva Abdullah sends out three parliamentarians from the opposition coalition out of the session today as a few MPs surrounded Home Minister Imran Abdullah who was speaking at the parliament today.

Imran was summoned to the parliament upon the request from the MP for the Thimarafushi constituency Abdullah Riyaz who wished to pose questions to the Minister regarding a police station being built in Thimarafushi.

But opposition MPs targeted the Minister the moment he entered the chambers and proceeded to shout and protest mainly demanding that former President Yameen Abdullah be released from prison. MP for Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam was seen leading the protest.

Vice Speaker Eva advised the MPs to maintain decorum in the chambers and allow the session to proceed and once Minister Imran began to answer the questions posed to him, MP Shiyam along with the MP for Faresmaathoda Hussain Mohamed Latheef and the MP for Maavashu Constituency Mohamed Saeed stood and started protest while standing in front of the Minister.

The Vice Speaker continued to advise the MPs to cease their protests and take their seats and once they refused to comply asked them to leave the chambers and halted the session to allow the chamber to regain its decorum.

More drama unfolded as the MP for Hanimaadhoo Constituency Abdul Gafoor Moosa approached the protesting MPs in an attempt to resolve the issue but the Vice Speaker reminded him of parliament regulations upon which he was seen taking back his seat.