Several leaders within the Maldives Democratic Party MDP who support Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed's breakaway faction have left the party.

While Nasheed remains with the party, those who left MDP include 12 parliamentarians, the Vice President of the Party, and the former MD of State Trading Organization.

The members who left include Vice Speaker of the Parliament MP Eva Abdullah, former Chairperson of MDP Hassan Latheef, MDP Vice President Mohamed Shifaz, and several other MPs.

MDP Spokesperson Anas Abdul Sattar confirmed that these members have indeed left the party. He said that they notified the party of their decision via a letter.

Though 12 sitting MPs have now left the party, the party's hold on the legislative house remains strong with 54 MPs still with MDP.

The mass exodus comes after the party expelled MP Ali Azim for colluding with the opposition to submit a no-confidence motion against Attornery General Riffath Ibrahim in relation to the Chagos dispute.