Planning Ministry has squashed reports that say that a barge being used by Thila Male' bridge contractor AFCONS had crashed onto the reef of Villimale'.

This comes after many took to social media saying that the incident had occurred last night when the barge had run aground on the Villimale reef.

But speaking to 'The Press, Thila Male Bridge Project Manager from the Ministry Mohamed Jinan said that one of the anchors of a "Floating Benching Plant' being used by AFCONS had snapped last night and that the plant had moved towards the Villimale reef.

He also said that the plant had not run aground on the reef and was stopped before it hit the reef.

Nevertheless, Environmental Protection Agency EPA has confirmed to the Press that they were now investigating the matter.

Speaking to the Press, Director at the EPA Ibrahim Naeem said that the incident has come to the Agency's attention and that it was now investigating the matter. He also said that since the matter was an ongoing investigation, details cannot be revealed at this time.

The platform that ran aground on Villimale reef/ Photo: Ahmed Iyman

Last year, one of the platforms used by AFCONS crashed onto the Villimale' reef and caused massive damage to the barrier as it took the company two weeks to remove the structure.

EPA assessed the damage and fined the Indian company MVR 69 million but AFCONS is yet to make a payment of this fine.