President of PNC Abdul Raheem Abdullah (Adhurey) says the opposition coalition will only sit with Jumhooree Party for talks when they quit the current coalition government.

Speaking to reporters in Maafushi today, Adhurey said that if JP wants to have coalition talks with the opposition, it should leave the government coalition and formally announce its departure.

He further said that the opposition will only form a coalition with a party that believes that the current government has been cruel to former President and opposition leader Abdullah Yameen and a party that supports Yameen's ideology and policies.

Adhurey critisized JP for the letter the party had sent inviting the opposition for coalition talks.

He said that the letters must be addressed to the coalition's Presidential candidate and that the coalition would not be accepting letters addressed in any other way.

He confirmed that the letter sent by JP was not addressed to Yameen who is currently completing an 11-year jail sentence after being convicted of money laundering and bribery.

JP is looking to field party's leader Qasim Ibrahim as its Presidential Candidate and is seeking to form coalition ahead of the September elections.