Heavy rain that fell on the Capital Male' has flooded its Maafannu district with several houses reporting damage and flood waters gushed into several stores on the west end of the City.

Maldives National Defence Force MNDF were seen installing several pumps to drain the water since morning but flood waters were slow to drain in the Maafannu district of Male'.

National Disaster Management Authority NDMA said that 3 households had reported water damage following the flooding in Male'. It said that NDMA had begun emergency operations following the reports and that the houses had reported flood damage to furniture and other possessions as well as leakage of sewerage into the houses due to the flood.

Flood waters rushed into stores in the west end of Majeedhee Magu/Photo: Mizna Mohamed | The Press

NDMA further said that it had assisted Male' City Council to place sandbags on the entrances of houses and also provided assistance to citizens to prevent further damage.

Most of the streets in the Maafannu district were flooded in the heavy rain this morning and water rushed into many stores on the west end of Majeedhee Magu.

Male' City Mayor Mohamed Muizzu lamented those responsible for taking care of the stormwater system as they had delayed switching on the pump to drain the water.