State Electric Company Ltd Stelco says none of its employees nor its assets have been used for political purposes.

Speaking to 'The Press', a media official from Stelco said that employees of the company have every freedom to work within the organization despite their political alliances.

Stelco said that even if the company itself did not involve its employees in political activities, some of its staff may be involved in political events and activities.

But it said that this was their own personal choice and that the company's management believed that this right should be afforded to each individual in a democratic country.

Stelco's comments came after the opposition coalition accused the company of using two of its speedboats to carry MDP campaign members working ahead of the Guraidhoo by-election.

The Opposition has further said that it would ask the Anti-Corruption Commission ACC to further investigate the company's dealings.

The by-election for the Guraidhoo Constituency has been scheduled for the 15th of next month.