President of Maldives Reform Movement MRM Faris Maumoon says right now there is no need for the party to leave the current coalition government.

Speaking on a program hosted by the social media platform 'Club house', the son of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom said that MRM has raised the people's concerns and sent a letter regarding these concerns to the current administration.

Faris noted that the government is yet to respond to these concerns.

But Faris also said that there is no situation to leave the coalition currently and that MRM signed on to work together for five years.

Faris noted that political influence has seeped into all the matters and he is concerned about how the Criminal justice system is run.

He further highlighted that the drug epidemic remains unresolved and corruption is widespread in the country.

Faris said that MRM is working on election-related matters and his decision on whether or not to compete in the election depends on the party's collective decision on the matter.

MRM is holding coalition talks with political parties including MDP and Jumhooree Party.