The Government has ordered those looking to perform Umrah rituals this Ramadan to get their required vaccine before the 22nd of this month.

Speaking at the weekly press conference held by the President's Office, Presidential Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed Umarah performers can now get the required vaccine from Dhamana Veshi and that there would be no hindrance to getting the vaccination.

He insisted that all must try to complete their vaccination by next Wednesday.

Presidential Spokesperson Mohamed Miuvaan/Photo: President's Office

Miuvan then implied that the individuals can get their vaccination after this date by saying that during Ramadan, polio vaccines required for umrah performers would only be given on two nights as the vaccine cannot be administered during the day time in Ramadan.

Citing Dhamana veshi, Miuvaan said that Umrah goers can get the vaccine between 09:00 pm to 10:30 pm on 30th March and 6th April.

The Polio vaccine is administered orally.