Anti Corruption Commission ACC says it has requested the Prosecutor General's Office to charge Senior MNDF Officer Ibrahim Naveen Zubair for his part in the Maldives Marketing and Promoting Corporation MMPRC scandal.

Naveen, who according to the MNDF website is now the Director of the Marine Corps, is one of the two soldiers who has been accused of being involved in the biggest corruption scandal reported in the country. Naveen was suspended due to the allegations back in 2019 and later reinstated at MNDF. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

ACC has asked the PG to charge the Senior Officer for several offenses including accepting bribes, asking for bribes, agreeing to receive bribes, using funds received from bribes, using his position as a Captain at the MNDF to provide another with an undue advantage as well as money laundering.

The Anti Corruption Commission further ordered MMPRC to recover assets of USD 100,000 which is involved in the case against the soldier.

The MMPRC case has been labeled as the biggest corruption case in the history of the country as investigations into the scam have shown that more than 335 people including former and current MPs, high-ranking security officials, politicians, and civilians have received bribes under the scandal.

Reports from the Police and the asset recovery commission had said that 267 people have directly benefitted from the MMPRC scandal and that these include 44 former MPs, 16 current MPs, officials from independent institutions, officials from the current as well as the former administration, judges, and security officials.