Adhaalath party says it would make a decision today on whether or not to back President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the upcoming Presidential elections scheduled for later this year.

It has been reported that the party has tabled an emergency meeting of its Discussion Committee for this evening.

Earlier Adhaalath party had decided to form a special team to lead discussions with Maldives Democratic Party over remaining in a coalition with it after President Solih sent a letter to coalition partners appealing for their support in the elections.

The Press has come to know that the 6-member team of Adhaalath has had talks with MDP on two separate occasions. The first meeting was held yesterday while the last meeting was held earlier this morning.

While the details of the talks remain unclear, the Press can say that the Adhaalath party had decided to make its final decision at its emergency meeting scheduled for later this evening and that it was decided in this morning's meeting.

Last Friday MDP handed over the ticket to President Solih and its national congress has given the green light to the President to form a coalition ahead of the elections.

Representatives of the President have met with the leader of the Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim to secure his support for the President and MDP but the party is yet undecided over whether to support the President for a second term or field its own candidate.