Government coalition partner Adhaalath party has formed a special team to lead discussions with the majority ruling party MDP ahead of the Presidential Election scheduled for later this year.

The 6-member team was formed at the party meeting held last night. The team includes party President Imran Abdullah, Ahmed Shareef (Vice President), Iaadh Hameed (Vice President), Ahmed Naushad (Vice President), Ali Nazeer (Chief Spokesperson), and Ahmed Shiyaz (Secretariate).

This team was formed to hold discussions with MDP before deciding whether or not to remain with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih who has won the MDP's presidential ticket.

The President had recently sent a letter to leaders of the coalition parties urging them to remain by his side in the upcoming elections.

Last Friday MDP handed over the ticket to President Solih and its national congress has given the green light to the President to form a coalition ahead of the elections.

Representatives of the President has met with leader of Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim to secure his support for the President and MDP but the party is yet undecided over whether to support the President for a second term or field its own candidate.