Tourism Ministry says more than 200,000 tourists from around the world have arrived in the Maldives since the start of this year as the tourism sector continues to bounce back in the post-COVID world.

Weekly statistics from the Ministry showed that between the 1st of January to the 15th of February, 267,507 tourists arrived in the country.

It said that during this time back in 2022,206,181 tourists visited the country.

The Ministry added that this shows a 29.7 percent growth.

The statistics show that Russia remains the biggest market for tourists in the Maldives as ranked at number one once again.

The Ministry said that 34,128 Russians have visited the Maldives since the start of this year. Last year's top market India remains at the 2nd spot with 29,513 Indians visiting the country since the beginning of this year.

The United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany complete the top five markets for Maldivian tourists.

The statistics also show that 8,015 tourists from China have arrived in the country since the Maldives opened its doors to Chinese tourists following the COVID-19 pandemic.