Opposition supporters have staged a protest in Male' as President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih delivered his final presidential address of this tenure today.

The protesters gathered near the Roshanee building in Henveiru Ward and were demanding the release of jailed former President Abdullah Yameen.

A total of 8 protesters have now been arrested from the opposition protest as Special Operations forces of the Police were seen on the scene.

Police have ordered the protesters to leave the area on several occasions but the Protesters seem to unheed the commands from the police.

The opposition has been staging protests since former President Abdullah Yameen was convicted of money laundering and bribery in December of last year.

The opposition said that the verdict against the former President was politically motivated and that they would not accept such a verdict against the PPM/PNC Coalition's Presidential Candidate Yameen.

The opposition has vowed to continue its rally until Yameen is released from jail. The opposition leadership has said that the verdict against Yameen was given to prevent him from competing in the Presidential Election scheduled for later this year.