President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that his administration will increase the pay for health sector employees starting in May of this year.

The President made the announcement in his 5th Presidential address delivered to the parliament today.

President Solih said last year his administration increased the salaries of education sector employees and that now it is the time for the health sector.

He further said that starting the 1st of May, the salaries of the health sector employees would be increased.

The President added that the government would also give allowances to 35 percent of the public sector employees who have not been receiving this allowance starting the first of May.

While a budget of MVR 42.68 billion has been passed for this year, MVR 5.02 billion has been allocated for the Health Sector. This is an increase of MVR 530 million from last year.

The budget has also allocated funds to increase 1,000 new jobs in the Health Sector.