Transport Ministry says it won't issue fake vehicular licenses to drivers through its offices.

This assurance came as social media posts were circulated saying that they can issue an official vehicular license without the driver having the need to sit for the theory test and do the practical test. The posts said that only the required documents and a certain fee are required to acquire the license for any category.

It further said that the license would be issued within four days and assured that the document was a legitimate legal document that can pass a police inspection.

Screenshots of SM posts on license issuing

Speaking on the matter, State Minister at the Transport Ministry Hamad Abdul Ghanee said to 'The Press' that issuing such fake documents cannot be done through the Ministry.

But he said that criminals can forge the license document.

Hamad said that there is video cross-checking within the transport Ministry system during license approval and that system is connected to all the other systems in the islands.

But he said that this allows forgery and issuing of fake licenses.

Police were unavailable for comment on the matter.