Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem says the new Evidence Act has strengthened the justice system and allowed smooth and quick judicial proceedings.

Speaking on State media PSM's Raaje Miadhu Program, PG Shameem said that the biggest change since the enactment of the Evidence Act was the assurance that each trial would be fair and just.

Shameem said the country's judicial system needs a law like this and that this law would offer solutions to the many issues in the justice system.

He further said that this law would increase the confidence in the judicial system and it would also change the work required by the Prosecutor General's Office.

PG Shameem highlighted that Evidence Act can force witnesses to give their testimonies in court and also allow those who are forced to refrain from giving their testimonies in court by letting them submit statements to argue their cases.

He added that the Act specifies how electronic evidence can be collected and submitted to the court.

The Evidence Act came into effect on the 18th of this month.

The act specifies the procedures to be followed when gathering evidence in civil and criminal proceedings, as well as the processes to be followed when submitting, accepting, and evaluating evidence. It also specifies other evidence-related elements, such as the extent of evidence required to support a claim.

One of the primary purposes of the act is to ensure the necessary evidential procedures are detailed in the form of required actions so that the right to a fair trial, as per Article 42 of the Constitution, is satisfied.