President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has assured the citizens of Kaafu Gulhi that his administration will resolve the land issue on the island and that the land reclamation project on the island will begin this year.

Speaking at a campaign rally on a visit to the island, President Solih said that the administration has overseen the land reclamation in both Guraidhoo and Maafushi of Kaafu atoll and that the citizens of those islands are now enjoying the new land.

He said that next would be Gulhi and that the work on the reclamation project would begin this year.

The President pointed out that the government allows the councils to carry out these projects and said that the Councils should work towards achieving the needs of the people.

He added that the government would not voice its say on it.

President highlighted that the water and sewarge system work in Gulhi was now completed and that the administration was solving the sanitation system issues in the nearby Guraidhoo too.

He noted that MDP has always been advocating to develop all the islands without isolating any island and that even though some in the party does not believe in this policy does not mean that it should be abandoned.