President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says there are only two ways ahead forward for MDP members and the way to the Presidency is clear.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Fuvahmulah, there were only two options for MDP members and one of them was to let the party weaken again. He said that the other option was to secure the Presidency by choosing him as the MDP Presidential candidate.

The President said things need to be in order and the first order of business was for him to win the Primary and then secure the Presidential elections later this year.

He said that then the party can focus on the 2024 Parliamentary elections.

President Solih said that it would be difficult to win seats in the parliamentary election and secure a majority for the party when MDP is not in power.

He added that MDP members must vote for him to maintain the peace, prosperity, development, reform, and freedoms the country is seeing now.

The MDP Primary is scheduled for next Saturday and both President Solih and his opponent the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed is gearing up for the last push for the candidacy.