Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says the current administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is showing similar traits to the 30-year rule of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

The Speaker who is competing in the MDP Primary made the comments while speaking at Gaafu Gadhoo during a campaign rally last night.

Nasheed said the government was showing the characters of Maumoon's first political party Dhivehi Rayithunge Party DRP.

He said that some people think that they can only improve their living by serving a Cabinet Minister at his or her house. He joked that these people think that they need to send the Ministers' children to school, do their grocery shopping, and basically become a servant.

Nasheed said that this was a misconception and that the only thing that can be achieved from within the grip of a leader was servitude.

Addressing the fishing island, Nasheed said that fishing was the opposite of this as it would enable the fishermen to stand on their feet. Nasheed said that fishing islands always give votes to MDP because they are capable of standing on their own and free from any other power.

The Speaker accused the coalition government of designing their policies to keep the prices of fish at the lowest in order to exert control over these people as they believe that such control would allow them to govern without issue.

Nasheed vowed that he would not be giving the government this chance again when he win the Primary and subsequently the Presidential election in September.