Maafushi Council says it is deeply concerned about a report published in 'Mihaaru' news claiming that the island known for its vibrant guest house business is a hotspot for prostitution.

The Maafushi Council said that while there has been no record of prostitution on the island, describing it as a center for it is irresponsible.

It further said that to perceive that those living on the island and those visiting the island are involved in prostitution means that there is something wrong with those who think like this.

The Council also noted that drug problems on different islands across the country were not down to whether or not the islands have local tourism outlets.

The Maafushi council said that in islands where visitors are frequent, authorities should act creatively to prevent societal issues and in a manner that is subjective to the island.

It boasted that Maafushi has proven to the world that local tourism can be successful without selling pork or alcohol. It added that many come to Maafushi to enjoy its natural beauty and scenery.

While Maafushi has a vast network of local tourism outlets on the island, people from the island say that societal problems like drugs have now cropped up on the island.