With no MPs to participate in the debate on the parliamentary report on the Proposed State Budget, the parliamentary session has gone to recess.

While the Committee report was opened for debate yesterday, only 9 MPs have spoken about the report at the parliament.

The debate was the first item on today's Parliamentary agenda as well but before the session, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed informed the floor that only three MPs have noted their names for the debate and that out of this only 1 MP was present on the floor today.

The second item on the agenda was the debate on the regulation committee report about the issue of the Housing Ministry failing to publish a parliament-approved regulation in the Government gazette.

Only 5 MPs took part in the debate and voiced their concerns against the Ministry's actions. The next item on the agenda was the debate on the Amendment bill on the Higher Education and Training Bill and only the MP for Kaashidhoo Constituency Abdullah Jabir jotted his name for the debate.

After this Speaker Nasheed announced that the Parliament would go into recess and resume later today.

Only 28 MPs took part in today's parliamentary session.