Laamu Gan Council has denied reports that say a little girl is missing from the island.

Speaking to 'The Press', Vice President of the Council Ibrahim Rasheed said that the girl was not missing and that the child was with her mother.

Ibrahim also said that the girl was taken to her mother under court order after she was in her father's custody.

He also said that the father of the child was complaining that he had been unable to contact his daughter.

A source from the island said to 'the Press' that the rumors speculating that the girl was missing was being circulated because the father was angry over the court's decision to hand over the custody of the child to the mother.

The source also said that the father believes the child had been kidnapped by the mother.

Social media posts earlier today alluded that a 9-year-old girl was missing from Gan and that the family said that the girl had been kidnapped.