A man who was arrested after entering Maafanu Police Station and threatening a police officer there has been released from custody.

Two days ago, the man had entered the police station while police officers were attempting to arrest a suspect of theft near the Eagles stadium close to the station.

The individual who entered the police station had given death threats to a constable at the station and he was arrested at the scene.

But the Criminal Court ruled yesterday that the arrest was false and that the suspect should be released from custody. The court said that the suspect was not arrested from the scene of a crime and that the person was not apprehended under a court-issued arrest warrant.

Under the Criminal Procedure Act, a suspect can only be arrested without an arrested warrant from the scene of the crime.

While the man has been since released from custody, Police Commissioner Mohamed Hameed had warned that police would take action against those who act against the common rules of society and try to incite fear in others.

Earlier this month, five individuals were arrested for attacking three police officers in broad daylight.