The Parliament has thrown out the motion that called for a transparent investigation into the two Indian nationals arrested at Velaana International Airport last month.

The motion was submitted to the Parliament by the MP for Maavashu Constituency Mohamed Saeed.

In the motion, MP Saeed said that after the incident, an official from the Indian government had come to the Maldives to appeal for the release of the suspects and that local police changed their initial incident report and released a new one.

The MP accused the individuals of reporting back about VIA and that local police had submitted evidence to the court that suggest espionage.

Saeed further said this put the airport's security in jeopardy and this in turn could cause further damage to the Maldivian economy.

He called for a transparent investigation into the matter and said that the findings of the investigation should be shared with the parliament. He also called on the government to further strengthen the security measures at the country's main airport VIA.

Only 6 MPs present at today's session voted to accept Saeed's motion while 34 MPs voted against it.

Initial reports stated that the two were arrested for the possession of spy cameras and had been accused of espionage. They were arrested on the 28th of last month.