Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam says this government has no vision for land consolidation.

The Minister said this while speaking at the ceremony held to launch the new dredger brought in by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC.

Minister Aslam said that this government's vision was to develop individual islands and make sure that all the services are available from the island and make arrangements that would allow residents of islands to travel easily between the islands.

He noted that because of the priority given to the development of Male', the development of islands has been neglected.

Minister Asalam said that development must be expanded across the country to further develop the islands including Male'.

He further said that education, medical facilities, as well business opportunities are concentrated among Male' and this has caused numerous social issues.

Minister Aslam said that the government plans to divide the country into three sectors and develop each sector individually and that this is now being implemented.

He further said that the country's developmental speed accelerated in the last 15 years only because the citizens were allowed to speak freely and with political competitiveness in the country.