Adhaalath party leader and Home Minister Imran Abdullah says a member from his party would rule the country in 2023.

Sharing pictures from the meeting held by the Party last night, Imran said that in 2023 an individual from the Adhaalath party would be the President of the country next year.

At last night's meeting, the party had approved its 10-year strategic plan. The plan includes internal organization, branches of the party, public relations, party policies, elections, the party's financial as well as foreign and domestic relations, and party membership.

Adhaalath party had announced that it would field a candidate for the next Presidential Election tabled for next year.

Also, MDP, MRM, JP, and MNP as well as the PPM/PNC coalition has indicated that they would also field candidates in the election.

Adhaalath party is now a member of the current coalition government led by MDP after it backed President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the last elections held in 2018.