MP for Maamigili Constituency and leader of JP Qasim Ibrahim has proposed an amendment to the constitution that calls for keeping the number of MPs elected to the parliament at a specific number.

MP Qasim proposed electing 87 members to the parliament.

Explaining his proposal, MP Gasim said that with each successful election to appoint MPs, the number of parliamentarians has increased.

He further said that if the number of MPs keeps on increasing with each election, it would have economical ramifications on the country.

MP Qasim said that it was vital that the Constitution states the number of MPs that would be elected to the parliament and that such an amendment should be made to the document.

He added that he proposes the election of 87 MPs in each consecutive election.

The current parliament, the 19th Parliament consists of 87 MPs. But the previous parliament elected in 2014 had 85 members while in 2009 only 77 MPs were elected to the parliament.