The Criminal Court has decided to remand 23-year-old Ali Shaahil, who was arrested last night for the brutal murder of Shiaau Mohamed Saeed, till the end of his trial.

Police had last night discovered Shiaau's remains on the 9th floor of H.Sheereen Villa located near Cibo Cafe in Male'.

Reports have said that the victim had been decapitated and seriously mutilated with all four limbs cut off from her body. But authorities are yet to confirm these details yet.

The suspect who was the victim's boyfriend Shaahil was arrested at the scene of the crime.

The Criminal Court had remanded Shaahil in custody until the end of his trial. The remand hearing was held behind closed doors upon the request of the Police.

Although, the Criminal Court had confirmed this, neither it nor the Police had given a reason for the closed-door hearing.

Witness reports state that Shaahil was taken from the scene in a hazmat suit and that Police had made him wear the suit to preserve crime scene evidence that may have been on his person as he was believed to be drenched in blood.