The opposition Progressive Coalition has given its presidential ticket for next year's election to former President Abdullah Yameen.

The Progressive Coalition is made up of PPM and PNC and the decision was announced last night by the President of PNC Abdul Raheem Abdullah via a series of tweets.

In his tweets, Raheem said that the former President had now accepted the coalition's decision and that under Yameen's rule, the people of the Maldives would see a country that fully upholds the laws of Islam and a country that is economically productive.

Meanwhile, PPM said in a tweet that the Joint Council of the Progressive Congress Coalition has unanimously voted to elect President Abdulla Yameen as the coalition’s Presidential Candidate for the 2023 Presidential Election.

Despite winning the candidacy, the former President is still in legal battles due to the corruption charges related to the MMPRC scandal.

If he is convicted of any of the charges, Yameen would not be able to compete in the election next year.