Ex-President and leader of the Opposition Abdullah Yameen has once again taken to Twitter to aim harsh criticism at the government and majority ruling party MDP.

In a tweet laden with heavy words, Yameen said that the Law Enforcement Authorities need to be glued to the television to comprehend people’s power.

The ex-President was referring to the situation in neighboring Sri Lanka where hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in the capital over the weekend prompting the government leaders to resign from their posts.

The masses in Lanka took to the streets after months of economical downfall that eventually led to political chaos on the island nation.

Yameen indicated that the Maldives was headed in the same direction by saying that ours is the situation in the making.

He also said that intransigence or the refusal to change one's views or to agree about something does not better our condition.

Yameen added that all have been pauperized with stiff collection meaning that the whole country has been made poor by the government due to its heavy fines and taxes.

He ended the tweet saying that the MDP dream wilts before it buds.