The Managing Director of Aasandha Mariyam Shafeeq says there is no way to review the price changes brought about by private service providers.

She said this while addressing the Parliament's committee on social affairs after Aasandha and National Social Protection Agency were summoned to the committee earlier to answer questions about the difficulties in seeking related services.

Mariyam said that the Aasandha national scheme is still far from perfect and that there are several hurdles before this can be resolved.

She further said that Aasandha had been working with private hospitals since 2019 to provide health insurance coverage to the major operations at their facilities.

Mariyam further said that there was no way of reviewing how private practices are changing the prices of services and that covering the treatment of some illnesses under Aasandha itself is a challenge.

She pointed out that costs for vascular surgery, a recently introduced specialty in the Maldives, still remain undetermined under Aasandha and that Aasandha had been asking for cooperation from clinics to determine the costs.