The Criminal Court has scheduled a hearing of the Aarah case against former President Abdullah Yameen for tomorrow.

The State had accused Yameen of taking a bribe of USD 1 million for the transaction between Yoosuf Naeem and Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation to lease the island of Vaavu Atoll Aarah to the former.

The state's charge sheet accused Yameen of laundering the money acquired from the deal.

Criminal Court had tabled a hearing of the case for tomorrow and it is set to begin at 11:30 am on Sunday.

The Court held a hearing on the case last Thursday, in which it heard from the Police Officers who had compiled the mobile forensic reports during the investigation.

It was revealed that the Police had analyzed data from three iPhones to check whether they had interacted with defendant Yoosuf's mobile phone number.

No party had revealed to whom the iPhones belonged.

At the hearing, Yameen's lawyers questioned whether any of the data from the smartphones revealed evidence of whether or not Yameen had acted to receive the MVR 1 million in bribes.

The Police officer who testified had said they had not retrieved such evidence.