The Prosecutor General's Office has charged Pakistani Chef Muhammad Abid with murder for killing a Bangladeshi waiter at the restaurant he worked at in Hulhumale'.

The 26-year-old Chef had fled after an altercation at the Khanji restaurant between him and the Bangladeshi waiter after which the waiter had died. Local police had arrested the Pakistani man from the beach area of Hulhumale' Phase II after he had fled the scene of the crime.

The victim was later identified as 29-year-old MD Shaheen from Bangladesh.

The Prosecutor General's Office had said that it had filed charges against Abid at the Criminal Court yesterday.

It said that the charges include murder with intent using a sharp object.

Local media has reported that the scuffle between the two had occurred around 3:30 on 16th April of this year. But the victim had been taken to the hospital at 5:30 pm and was later confirmed dead on arrival.

Reports also suggest that the crime scene had been damaged when Police arrived at the scene. It had said that the blood from the victim had been washed away and that the victim's body was also wiped.