The defamatory comments against Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by top two officials from the Indian ruling, Bharatiya Janta Party BJP have landed India in hot water as it scrambled to appease its partners in the Muslim world.

Nupur Sharma, who was a spokesperson of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), made the remark in a televised debate last month, while Naveen Jindal, who was media head of the party's Delhi unit, had posted a tweet on the issue.

BJP Officials Sharm (right) and Jindal

The comments targeted the Prophet and his wife Aisha (May Allah Be Please with Her) and have angered Muslims in India as well as Islamic nations across the country.

International Condemnation

Powerful Islamic nations have been quick to denounce the comments coming from BJP with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan describing them as a hateful attack on the beloved Prophet.

He further pointed out that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government has been deliberately following a policy of provocation and hatred towards Muslims in India including inciting vigilante violence against them.

Meanwhile, Gulfi powerhouse Qatar demanded a public apology from the Indian government for the remarks by the BJP official.

The comments were also condemned by Saudi Arabia and called for collective respect for all beliefs and religions.

Local political parties vocal against BJP comments

Local political parties here in the Maldives issued statements and posted tweets condemning the defamatory verbal attacks against the Muslim world's most beloved personality.

The PPM coalition said that it unequivocally condemned the defamatory and deplorable comments made by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Prophet (PBUH).

It further said that the appalling comments by Sharma and by extension the BJP are a testament to the growing Islamaphobia, systematic racism, and caste-based violence in India.

Islamic principles oriented Adaalath party said that these comments made against the Prophet targeted the whole Muslim world.

It further said that no Muslim would tolerate such insults against a personality that has a special place in not only the hearts of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Jumhooree party's leader Gasim Ibrahim also voiced concern about the comments by the spokesperson and said in a tweet that he along with his party strongly condemned and denounce the derogatory remarks made by Nupur insulting the Prophet. He further said that remarks deeply hurt the sentiments of billions of Muslims around the world.

Maldives government's silence on the matter too loud to ignore

The Maldivian government is yet to issue a statement or post a single tweet on the issue and the silence from the government has been deafening as well as defining.

President Solih and Indian Prime Minister Modi/ File Photo

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government had been accused of being under the thumb of Delhi and the reluctance to comment on the issues can only add to the accusation.

Seemingly, the parliament's refusal to accept an emergency motion to condemn BJP's comments also speaks volumes as the legislative house is largely controlled by the government's majority partner MDP.

The government's silence on the matter also prompted the former Home Minister to make a good point on the issue. In a tweet condemning the BJP comments, said that the utter silence from the Maldivian government is a clear indication that the country's foreign policy is controlled by Delhi.