Police have arrested a man for vandalizing ex-President Abdullah Yameen's house in Male'.

Police said that the suspect was arrested under a court order and that he had been identified as a 20-year-old man. Police added that the suspect was arrested yesterday morning and that the suspect had been remanded in custody for a further five days.

They also said that Police would continue further investigating the case.

The man had been accused of spraying graffiti calling for Yameen's arrest on the walls of his house in Male'.

It has been reported that the words along with the former President's picture had been sprayed on the gates and garage door of his home in Male'.

Also, papers printed with accusations of theft against the former President and calling for his arrest had been dumped in front of his house as well as in front of the PPM Office in Male'.

This came after papers printed with the text 'India Out' were recently dumped outside the President's Office, Indian High Commission in Male', as well as outside the residence of Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid.

Police are investigating that case as well.