The Gender Ministry says the Child Sex Offenders Registry is now available for public view on the Ministry's website.

The Ministry said that it had come to its attention that the public was finding it difficult to access the registry. It further said that the Ministry was working to further enhance the registry and for the time the public can view the Child Sex Offenders Registry on its website.

The 47-page registry features more than 160 names and includes offenders who are currently serving their sentences for child sex abuse crimes.

The Registry also details the prison they are serving their sentences in as well as the duration of their sentences and the nature of their crime.

The list further details the name, age, date of birth, ID card number, permanent address, nature of the crime as well when they were sentenced and when the offenders would be released.

Child sex crimes have become commonplace in the small community of the Maldives with the Gender Ministry sometimes reporting 1,000 such cases in a month.