Former Vice President Mohamed Jameel Ahmed says it is time to stop justice that comes in the form of political revenge and payback.

The former VP who is also on the legal team of former President Abdullah Yameen said this in a Tweet ahead of the ex-President's trial at the Criminal Court today.

Jameel expressed concern over what he said were 'unjust' multiple charges placed on Yameen's head. He said that the current government had promised justice for the past three years and questioned whether it had achieved anything else.

He also called on authorities to cease justice that comes through political revenge and said that the world would view such acts akin to that of the Communist nation of North Korea.

Former President Yameen was exonerated from his 2019-jail sentence last year by the Supreme Court after the ex-President appealed his case at the top court.

But the State had confirmed its intent to pursue other charges against Yameen including corruption and money laundering charges relating to the MMPRC Scandal.