The Opposition Coalition says it is organizing a gathering for its supporters at Phase II of Hulhumale' on Friday and that newly-free ex-President Abdullah Yameen will attend the event.

Speaking at a news conference today, Vice President of PNC and Hulhumale Councilor Ibrahim Shujau said that this political rally would begin at 08:30 pm and that it would be held near Hiya Park area.

Shujau also said that this would be the first time a political party is holding a rally in the Hiya Flat area.

He also said that the rally is named 'Kotharu Koshi' (Pigeon hole or cage) and that ex-President Yameen would address the rally. He promised that Yameen would be giving an inspirational speech at the rally and invited all opposition supporters and residents of the Hiya Flats to attend the gathering.

The Hiya flats were planned and awarded during Yameen's tenure in office but the flats were awarded and inhabited under the current administration.

It has become a contentious topic for both supporting the government and the opposition and often times had been politicized for each others gain.