Opposition Coalition says former President Abdullah Yameen is scheduled to visit islands in a bid to seek more signatures for the 'India Out' petition the coalition is undertaking as part of its anti-Indian Military campaign.

Speaking at a meeting held at the opposition headquarters last night, Vice President of PNC and Hulhumale Councillor Ibrahim Shujau said that leaders of the opposition coalition will join on Yameen's visit to the islands.

Shujau stopped short of saying when Yameen would begin his trip to the Atolls.

Clarifying the matter, opposition spokesperson Heena Waleed said to 'The Press' that the ex-President is set to begin his trips to the islands either late this week or early next week.

Heena said that the former President would first visit islands near the capital Male' but will later visit other islands across the country.

She also said that the opposition is seeking to gain more signatures for the petition from hte islanders by collaborating with the opposition steering committees already established in the islands.

She added that the true purpose of these visits is to expand the opposition's political activities in the country.

Since the ex-President had been freed from jail, Yameen had been very vocal about the 'India Out' campaign which he had said was being carried as per his direct order.

The anti-India campaign largely calls for the withdrawal of the Indian troops deployed across the country.