National carrier Maldivian has announced that it would stop serving in-flight refreshments on short domestic flights.

Maldivian said today that as per a circular issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, the airline is required to temporarily halt serving in-flight refreshments for its domestic flights of duration less than one hour.

The Airline also said that it hopes to resume its in-flight services as soon as possible.

The circular from the Civil Aviation Authority was issued to combat measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic. It had also called on the airlines to make sure that all domestic passengers are free of COVID-like symptoms and that they were face masks at all times.

The new measures came as the Health Protection Agency HPA confirmed the discovery of the new COVID variant Omicron in the Maldives.

HPA had said yesterday that Omicron was discovered by a tourist who had holidayed in the Maldives recently.

It has been confirmed that the tourist was from South Africa and had entered the country before local authorities had shut down borders for 7 African countries including South Africa.