Former President Abdullah Yameen says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih must deny whether or not he had taken a bribe of MVR 38 million from the MMPRC scandal.

Speaking to the supporters of the opposition coalition last night for the first time after the Supreme Court had overturned his prison conviction last week, Yameen said that as many are accusing President Solih of accepting MVR 38 million from the MMPRC case, the President must be held accountable for these accusations.

Opp supporters gather to hear Ex-President speak in public after his jail sentence was overturned

Yameen said that the accusations should be further investigated but said that it cannot be done properly when the Police Commissioner is a relative of the President and with a Prosecutor General that supports the government.

The recently-freed ex-President aimed harsh criticism at the current administration saying that this government is not a legitimate government.

He said that they had come to power after promising to fulfill many pledges but continuously keep delaying these promises to 2023 when the next presidential election would be held.

Last week, the Supreme Court overturned a 5-year jail sentence given to Yameen by the Criminal Court back in 2019 after he was convicted of money laundering.

The Presiding judge Judge Mahaz Ali Zahir questioned the evidence submitted by the State to prove Yameen's crime.

He further questioned the allegations that USD 1 million had been deposited into the former President's account and said that it remains unclear how the money was deposited.

He said that insufficient investigation was carried out regarding the money that was deposited and that the State had failed to take the statements from the two individuals who were involved in depositing the money into the ex-President's account.

The judge went on to say that state prosecutors had failed to successfully prove the money laundering charges against Yameen and that the evidence was established against the law.